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Does Enviralum sell to the general public? We sell to glazing contractors and manufacturers of other fenestration materials; Please contact us so that we can recommend the right dealer for your needs based on project specifications and geographic area.

Aluminum and Glass

Are Hurricane impact laminated insulated systems required by code to have the laminated glass on the inside and the monolithic on the exterior (AKA the sacrificial light to the exterior)? No, most manufacturers have their systems glazed with this configuration due to their designs and glazing capacity. The Enviralum Systems are designed to have the laminated glass configured to the outside because the system is primarily an inside glazed system and it is silicone sealed on the exterior. The Enviralum systems glazing configuration is actually the preferred glazing configuration of the Miami Dade County Building Code Compliance Office according to the BCCO this configuration is safer because it keeps the building's envelope secure during and after the storm.
Can I convert my existing windows to Hurricane resistant windows by replacing the glass to impact resistant glass? No, not unless the system you currently have installed has been tested to do so. The Enviralum ENV-450 fixed system and ENV-350 entrance doors actually have been tested with multiple glazing options and you can initially have it be glazed with non-impact glazing then replace the glazing for laminated impact glass later since we have tested all glazing in fills with the same anchor and mullion capacities. This change would only require that the interior glazing gasket be replaced and the position of the glass stop changed.
Does Hurricane impact resistant glass qualify as safety barrier glazing (AKA. ANSI Z97 compliant glazing)? Although Hurricane resistant glass is put through a much more rigorous regiment of testing (for both large and small missile) the Florida Building Code requires you to test for the ANSI Z97 'Drop Load Test' separately.
What is the required height of a locking mechanism for doors leading to pools in commercial or residential buildings? The minimum height for a lock is to be 54" above the finished floor.
What is the required maximum pull force to comply with ADA? The maximum force allowed is 8 lbs. for exterior doors and 5 lbs. for interior doors.
Does the entire opening of a pair of doors count as the required width? No. Only one door can be opened at a time, therefore only the width for one leaf counts.
What is the minimum width allowed for an ADA compliant entrance door? The minimum nominal width is 32" measured from the face of the open door to the door stop on the opposite side or the edge of the other leaf of a pair.


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